Math 157: Calculus II

Spring 2023


Sam Hopkins (call me "Sam")
Office: Annex III (Graduate School) - #220


Mon-Wed-Thur-Fri, 10:10-11:00am
Academic Support Building B - #100

Office hours:

Thur 12-2pm (or by appointment)
Annex III (Graduate School) - #220

Course content:

This is a continuation of Calculus I. We will continue to study differentiation and integration of functions of a single real variable, with a new focus on: applications of integration; techniques for integration; polar coordinates; sequences, series, and Taylor's theorem.


Math 156 (Calculus I)


Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 9th Edition, by J. Stewart et al.
Contact me if you need help accessing the textbook.


The grading for the course will be based on Quizzes, Midterm Exams, and the Final Exam. The grading scheme is:
  • Quizzes = 40% of grade
  • Each of 2 midterms = 20% of grade
  • Final exam = 20% of grade
In-class quizzes will happen every Thursday, except for weeks when midterms take place. There will be 12 total quizzes and your lowest 2 scores will be dropped (so 10 of the 12 quizzes will count).
There will be two in-class midterms in the semester. They will take place on Thursdays and be announced 1-2 weeks in advance. The final will happen after the end of classes, during finals week.
Studying with your fellow students is a good idea, but collaboration on graded assignments is not permitted. The use of calculators, outside notes, or other tools from the Internet, is not permitted. Assignments and grades will be posted to the Canvas site.


Click here for a pdf version of the syllabus (which also includes a more detailed course outline and information about the Code of Conduct, Grievance Procedure, Disability Accommodations, etc.)

Class notes:

Batch 1; [More to be posted]

Quizzes / exams:

1/11: Quiz #0 (Diagnostic)
1/19: Quiz #1
1/26: Quiz #2
2/2: Quiz #3
[More to be posted]

Practice problems:

Week 1 (1/9 - 1/13): 6.1 #19, 22, 26; 6.2 #1, 5
Week 2 (1/16 - 1/20): 6.2 #6, 20, 62; 6.3 #3, 11, 21
Week 3 (1/23 - 1/27): 6.4 #11, 14; 6.5 #3; 7.1 #1, 2, 9
[More to be posted]

Other resources:

The webpage for my Fall 2022 Calculus I course is here.
Old final exams can be found on the math department website here.
Course material for Calculus II from previous years can be found on Prof. Sitaraman's website here.
Active Calculus is a free, online textbook for learning calculus; it does not follow exactly the same outline as the Stewart book we are using, but content from Chapters 5, 6, and 8 there closely aligns with what we will learn this semester.