Selected research papers

Talk slides & other miscellanea

  • Slides from my 2022 talk on the enumeration of barely set-valued tableaux and plane partitions at the George Washington U. combinatorics & algebra seminar.
  • Slides from my 2021 talk on promotion, webs, and plabic graphs at the BIRS workshop on dynamical algebraic combiantorics.
  • Crux - The Last Problem: Demystified, an expository article for the problem journal Crux Mathematicorum contextualizing a problem from their June 2021 issue.
  • Slides from my 2021 talk on piecewise linear & birational involutions on Dyck paths at the Howard University mathematics colloquium.
  • Slides from my 2020 talk on order polynomial product formulas and poset dynamics at the University of Minnesota combinatorics seminar.
  • Slides from my 2018 talk on root system chip-firing at FPSAC, Dartmouth.
  • Problems from the 2015 CMO-BIRS sandpile workshop.
  • Notes from the 2015 AIM workshop on dynamical algebraic combinatorics.
  • Slides from my 2014 talk on bigraphical arrangements at FPSAC, Chicago.
  • RSK via local transformations, an expository article based on MIT combinatorics preseminar presentations of Alex Postnikov, 2014.
  • Problems from the 2013 AIM workshop on chip-firing.

Open access journals in combinatorics

There are several online, open access journals in combinatorics. I especially like:

The latter two are supported by The Combinatorics Consortium. Some other good open access journals in combinatorics (and related areas) include: Consider submitting your combinatorics paper to one of these open access journals.