Teaching at Howard

  • Fall 2022, I will teach Math 156 (Calculus I) & Math 181 (Discrete Structures).
  • Spring 2022, I taught Math 274, the 2nd semester of grad combinatorics.
  • Fall 2021, I taught Math 273, the 1st semester of grad combinatorics.

Teaching at UMN

  • Spring 2021 & Spring 2020, I taught Math 4707, intro to discrete math.
  • Fall 2020, I taught Math 4990, the UMTYMP Advanced Topics course.
  • Fall 2019, I taught Math 8668, the 1st semester of grad combinatorics.

Other teaching

  • I have taught math to middle school students through BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics). BEAM is an organization which helps underserved students enter advanced study in mathematics. Please check BEAM out!