1. Upho lattices. In preparation, 2023.
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  3. Order polynomial product formulas and poset dynamics. Preprint, 2020, arXiv:2006.01568. For the proceedings of the Open Problems in Algebraic Combinatorics 2022 conference at the University of Minnesota.


(Links below are to journal versions, but all my papers are also on the arXiv.)

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  2. On the q-enumeration of barely set-valued tableaux and plane partitions, with Alexander Lazar and Svante Linusson. European Journal of Combinatorics, 113, 2023.
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Talk slides & other informal math writing

  1. Slides from my 2023 talk on combinatorial reciprocity for non-intersecting paths at the Special Session on Enumerative Combinatorics, AMS Fall Central Sectional.
  2. Slides from my 2022 talk on involutions on Dyck paths, and piecewise linear & birational lifts at the ACPMS special 1-day seminar on birational combinatorics.
  3. Slides from my 2021 talk on promotion, webs, and plabic graphs at the BIRS workshop on dynamical algebraic combiantorics.
  4. Crux - The Last Problem: Demystified, an expository article for the problem journal Crux Mathematicorum contextualizing a problem from their June 2021 issue.
  5. Slides from my 2020 talk on order polynomial product formulas and poset dynamics at the University of Minnesota combinatorics seminar.
  6. Slides from my 2018 talk on root system chip-firing at FPSAC, Dartmouth.
  7. Problems from the 2015 CMO-BIRS sandpile workshop.
  8. Notes from the 2015 AIM workshop on dynamical algebraic combinatorics.
  9. Slides from my 2014 talk on bigraphical arrangements at FPSAC, Chicago.
  10. RSK via local transformations, an expository article based on MIT combinatorics preseminar presentations of Alex Postnikov, 2014.
  11. Problems from the 2013 AIM workshop on chip-firing.